Technology behind Catlog

Catlog utilizes bio-logging analysis technology to measure your cat's activity 24/7.

We aim to create a world where you can watch over your cat with an app and be notified of even the slightest change in his/her health condition.


  • "Bio-logging" is a research method that attaches small sensors such as accelerometers to marine organisms that cannot be seen underwater to investigate their ecological behavior. Catlog is developed based on this technology.

    RABO is advised by Professor Katsufumi Sato of the Department of Behavioral and Ecological Sciences, Division of Marine Life Science, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute at the University of Tokyo. He is a leading researcher in bio-logging.

AI and Machine Learning

  • Catlog uses machine learning to classify complex log data collected by bio-logging technology into actual behaviors.

  • Catlog is constantly improving its AI engine to ensure that your cat's behavior is correctly identified.

    Each cat's behavior is unique, and sometimes Catlog is unable to provide an accurate assessment of a cat's behavior.

    Catlog learns the individuality of each cat and provides feedback on the cat's behavior from the app.

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  2. The Technology Behind Catlog

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