Catlog Series

Know your cat better with technology.

Catlog Series
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Catlog Series
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Visualize your cat's energy levels with 24-hour behavior records. Effortlessly understand your cat's daily condition.

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Track weight and litter box usage to support your cat's health and potentially avoid overlooking any elimination-related issues

Works with Multiple Cats

Catlog Pendant is not required
to identify multiple cats' litter box usages

Catlog Series

Less time worrying about your cats. More time giving them love every day.

Energy Score
Active and a good appetite for food and water

He's been very energetic and active. Because of all the exercise, he seems to have an increased appetite and is drinking more water than he has in the past few weeks. How will you play with him today?

Cat behavior data is analyzed and converted into intuitive scores.

Quickly learn about your cat's energy level based on the daily data. No complicated health management needed.

Weight Trend
Slightly lower weight than usual

He seems to have lost a little weight compared to a couple weeks ago. Have there been changes in appetite or health condition? If he is on a diet, that's great!

Litter Box Visit Trend
Using the litter box as usual

Litter box usage is pretty consistent. Going pee more often could indicate a bladder infection, while going poop less often could be sign of constipation. At the moment, things are looking good!

Catlog Series
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Notifies you of any signs of discomfort detected, ensuring timely vet visits

*Catlog is not a medical device, and alerts do not immediately signify illness. Please use it as a reference to make decisions such as vet visits

We've detected a decrease in Buramaru's weight

02/23/2023 10:00
Weight Loss
Avg of 3 wks ago 13.7lb
Avg of the last 1 wk 12.3lb

We've detected a decrease in weight compared to recent measurements. If your cat is not on a weight management diet, it might be a sign of some issues.

Try out the Catlog Virtual Experience
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See the unknown "cat hours" you couldn't see before. As if they're right next to you, even when miles apart.

Wondering what they're up to?

Feel your cat's presence as if

they're right next to you.

Enrich every moment together.

*Catlog utilizes A.I. to identify each cat's behavior. 100% accuracy is not guaranteed.
2/22 (Sun)










Times Peed


Amount Peed


fl oz
Times Pooped


Amount Pooped




Drank water
Ate food
Went pee
Kitchen Catlog Board
1.01fl oz, Stayed for 2min
Walked for 8s
Try out the Catlog Virtual Experience
Try the Catlog app demo

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Case Studies

The Catlog series devices can be used in combination according to your lifestyle and areas of interest with your cat.

Catlog Only

Catlog Only

I started using it because I realized that it was harder than I thought it would be to tell how my cat was feeling just by looking at him. I am very grateful to be able to see how well he is doing each day, and it's reassuring to have a better grasp of his health status.

Catlog Board Only

Catlog Board Only

  • Bathroom

  • Living Room

  • Workroom

Each cat has its own favorite litter boxes and we have three of them placed in different parts of the house. Last time my oldest cat showed symptoms of a bladder infection, my family and I were able to look at the Catlog data and discuss whether we should go to the vet. When we showed Catlog directly to the vet, he was amazed at how detailed the data was. It was also very helpful during the treatment process.

Both Catlog and Catlog Board

Both Catlog and Catlog Board

  • 1F

  • 2F

  • 1F Hallway

  • 2F Living Room

I brought my two cats home at the same time and they have almost the same circadian rhythm. However, I love the way their personalities show up through the data. Not only is it a relief to know their wellness condition and litter box usage, but I am also happy to be able to look back on their growth and development as if it were an album.


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