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Two types of high-quality devices designed with love for your cat.

Each can be used separately
Smart Collar
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Live Behavior Tracking
  • Loss of Energy Alerts
  • Daily Calorie Insight
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Smart Litter Box Mat
  • Works with your current litter box
  • Live Weight & Elimination Tracking
  • Weight Loss & Litter Box Usage Alerts
  • Multiple Cats Compatible
The Catlog

Check in on your cat anytime, anywhere

With real-time tracking, your cat's latest status is at your fingertips, even when you're busy or away.

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Catlog Board

Notice signs of illness in your cat earlier

Cats don't use words to communicate discomfort, but Catlog App monitors subtle signs like energy loss, elimination issues, and weight loss.

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Catlog Starter Set
Catlog Board

Eliminating uncertainty in multi-cat families

Have you ever been unsure which of your cats is experiencing an issue? Visualizing data for all cats eliminates the possibility of misjudgement.

Relevant Catlog device(s)

Catlog Starter Set
Catlog Board

Preventing oversight of urinary system issues

Common cat urinary issues are detectable through litter box usage. With Catlog Board's litter box monitoring, early detection and timely vet visits are facilitated.

Relevant Catlog device(s)

Catlog Board

Keep track of daily weight changes

Catlog Board weighs your cats after each litter box visit. Promptly noting weight changes is crucial for healthcare, as all illnesses can affect weight.

Relevant Catlog device(s)

Catlog Board

Adjust the ideal meal portion for your cat

Each cat's metabolism varies. Catlog tracks their daily energy expenditure, helping you find the right meal portions tailored to your cat's needs.

Relevant Catlog device(s)

Catlog Starter Set

Manage a lifetime's worth of data for all cats in one app.

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User Stories
Remote Monitoring

“Until now, I had no idea what my pet was doing while I was away. Thanks to Catlog & Catlog Board, I'm truly happy that I can now understand their general behavior. It gives me a sense of reassurance, as if they're still close by even when I'm apart.”


Early Detection of Health Issues

“Catlog's litter box visit trend prompted me to rush to the vet fearing something was wrong. It turned out to be urinary stones and cystitis, which improved quickly with medication and therapeutic diet. Having used Catlog Board for several years, there have been times when I wondered if it was necessary, but in this instance, I'm grateful I had it. It helps me quickly notice any recurrence.”


Multi-cat Visualization

“The weight difference is only about 1kg, but it almost always accurately identifies it. Thanks to Catlog Board, the notifications are super cute! ♡ Catlog also helps as I can see the daily routine, making it easy to notice any changes right away. On days when she runs a lot, her weight drops slightly. With measurements in 0.1kg increments, I compare monthly to maintain her weight.”


Early Detection of Health Issues

“I'm really grateful because I can detect and respond to subtle changes in health that are not visible to the naked eye. The data makes it easier to communicate with the vet has been a lifesaver. Last year, despite dealing with chronic kidney disease, pancreatitis, and even a stroke, my cat overcame each challenge. Being able to monitor urine frequency and volume was also significant. Thanks to Catlog, my senior cat recently celebrated her 17th birthday! I'm truly grateful!”


Daily Health Management

“Four months ago, a urine test revealed a pH level of 8.5 and struvite crystals. To increase water intake and achieve weight loss, we started feeding mainly wet food and adjusting the amount of food suggested by the app. Thanks to Catlog and Catlog Board, we were able to set goals by knowing the current values of our beloved cat and revise the diet accordingly.”


Remote Monitoring

“At lunchtime, he ran for 3 seconds. I thought he heard the sound of kibble coming out of the automatic feeder, and he hurriedly ran to it. It warmed my heart.”


Vet Visit Support

“During a health check-up, the vet was delighted to see clear records of daily activities, diet, and history such as daily weight and urine measurements taken at the litter box. It helped raise the diagnostic standards. Being able to jot down vomiting details or minor changes in health is incredibly helpful. It saves a lot of trouble as I can simply show the records instead of explaining my cat’s situation at home when he isn't feeling well.”


Early Detection of Health Issues

“She seemed to be sleeping a lot during February, I just thought, 'Well, it's cold, so she must be resting a lot.' But when I opened Catlog, I saw the alert 'Sudden decrease in energy.' It made me realize that maybe she wasn't just sleeping. I immediately took her to the vet. After several days of various tests, it turned out that she had a rare disease called Evans syndrome. If it weren't that alert, if it weren't Catlog, I think it would have been too late. Little by little, we're overcoming her illness together with Catlog.”


Vet Visit Support

“When I went to the hospital, they asked about my cat's daily excretion and weight, and it was very helpful to be able to convey this smoothly by presenting the Catlog screen. I rely on it because I believe that presenting data, not just words, can help the vet notice things.”

-Tamu’s Mom

Product Introduction by CEO
Exhibition and Media


“A good first step to understanding that cats are more than a lap accessory — they exist and do things even when you’re not looking.”


CES 2022&2023

“Most impressive product at CES 2023!” “That’s what I was looking for.”

- CES visitors



“If you can acquire such detailed information, you can almost imagine what your cat is thinking, which would likely lead to greater affection for your cats.”

- Oha Biz


From what age can a cat wear it?

We recommend Catlog to be worn from about 6 months of age, when the cat is in its junior years and approaching the size of an adult cat. Since each cat has a different build and neck size, please check the size of your cat's neck in advance. You can keep an eye on your cat while he/she gradually gets used to wearing it.

Can it be worn by pets other than cats?

As the saying goes, "Cats are not little dogs." Dogs and cats are completely different animals, and each animal has its own species-specific ecology and personality. Catlog is a product developed with only cats in mind. We hope you understand that Catlog will not work properly if it is attached to animals other than cats. (Our staff loves animals in general nonetheless.)

Can I watch my cat's activities, no matter where he/she is, in any kind of house?

Your cat's activity can be recorded only when there is a stable wireless network environment in the 2.4GHz band and the BLE connection between Catlog Pendant and Catlog Home is uninterrupted. The connection range may vary depending on the layout of your home, the number of floors, whether doors are opened or closed, how furniture is set up, the cat's posture, and other factors. If you are considering using the system in an area that cannot be covered by just one Catlog Home, we recommend purchasing and installing additional Catlog Home devices.

How often should I recharge the battery?

Although it depends on the usage, the battery should last for about a week. Charging time is approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

Is there a warranty period?

This product comes with a one-year warranty from the time of shipment. However, the warranty does not cover intentional damage.

Catlog Board

Can I use any kind of litter box?

Catlog Board

You can use any standard size litter box (15.8in wide x 21.7in deep), which is about the same size as the Catlog Board. Simply use the one that your cat is already using.

Can cats of the same weight be identified?

Catlog Board has a system in which AI learns and determines the habits of individual cats based on their weight and behavior patterns when using the litter box. When Catlog Board is used with cats of the same weight, identification becomes more difficult, and sometimes they may be misrecognized.

Catlog Board gradually learns the individual characteristics of each cat as we receive feedback from their parents. We would appreciate your cooperation in improving the accuracy by providing feedback when you are asked to in the app or if there are incorrect records.

How many cats can be identified with one Catlog Board?

There is no limit to the number of cats that can be identified on a single Catlog Board. However, if the number of cats without a Catlog Pendant increases, identification becomes more difficult, and we may not be able to correctly identify cats.

Can I use the product without a wireless network?

A 2.4GHz wireless network environment is required in order to transmit cat data acquired by the Catlog Board to the server so that it can be viewed by the parent in the app.

*Wi-Fi6 and WPA3 are not supported.
**If faster speed settings or advanced security settings are enabled, some routers may not be able to use this service.

How long will the batteries last?

You can use it continuously for about 6 months with 6 standard AA alkaline batteries.

* Replacement time will vary depending on litter box usage, frequency of cleaning, and connection environment. **Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries have a different battery capacity and voltage rating from alkaline batteries, so battery life may be shorter.

We recommend deep cleaning the cat's litter box about once a month. You can replace the Catlog Board's batteries at the same time you clean.

Is it waterproof and dustproof?

If liquid or litter is spilled on the surface there is a minimum water and dust resistance, but it is not completely waterproof and dustproof. You can simply wipe the surface of Catlog Board with a damp cloth to keep it clean. Please be careful not to immerse the entire board in water or place it on top of litter.

Has PSE and technical conformity been obtained?

The product is not subject to PSE, but has obtained the Technical Conformity Certification.

Is there a warranty period?

The product is covered by a one-year warranty from shipment. However, the warranty does not cover intentional damage, etc. by the purchaser.

In some cases, we may ask for your cooperation in conducting a detailed investigation in the case of a malfunction to determine if the product was affected by an initial defect.

Is there any warranty for not getting accurate data?

In case of an inability to collect data due to an obvious fault of our company, such as an initial defect of the product, it will be covered by the warranty as a case of malfunction. In some cases we may ask for your cooperation in investigating the details of your usage environment, etc., depending on the situation.

*Catlog is a system that makes identification through learning the behavioral characteristics of individual cats. As cats are fascinating creatures full of individuality, it is impossible to identify all the behaviors with complete accuracy. We appreciate your understanding.

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