Because nine lives are never enough


To watch over cats' lives with technology, so that cats and their parents around the world can be together for even one second longer.


Cherish bonds with the loved ones, and foster a caring world

Cats are also part of the family and are very important to us. RABO's role is to realize a world where the cat who is a beloved and important family member and their parents can be together for even one second longer. Not only cats, but also other pets, children, partners, parents, relatives, and friends - everyone has someone they want to cherish. RABO aims for a world that respects everyone's desire to cherish their loved ones, wholeheartedly supports the ability to love and care for them openly, and celebrates these connections.

Our Team

We are a cat-dedicated team built around a strong desire to "make the unknown 'cat hours' visible" and "create a world where you feel close to your cat even when you're miles apart"

  • President & CEO

    Yukiko Iyo

    Iyo completed a Master's program at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology studying under Professor Sato and worked for a number of web service and product companies after graduation. She founded RABO Inc. on Cat's Day (Feb 22) in 2018, has over 20 years of experience living with cats and holds a certified cat care specialist/cat sitter qualification.

  • Chief Cat Officer


    Born on March 24, 2016 in a cattery in Adachi Ward, Tokyo from a Blue Abyssinian mother and a Ruddy Somali father. In May of the same year he was spotted by our representative Iyo and became a part of the family. Since the founding of the company he has served as RABO's Chief Cat Officer responsible for collecting test data, product development, and customer success. He works tirelessly every day for the happiness of cats around the world. His favorite words are “chicken breast”.

  • Chief Cat Officer(Assistant)


    Born on February 6, 2019 in a cattery with a view of Mount Fuji from a champion cat father. Iyo took notice of him because he resembled the stuffed animal cat “Oden” that was originally in the office. He loves food and often gets scolded for stealing the CCO's (Chief Cat Officer) food. Although a bit timid, he has a beloved character. When in the office he spreads charm, helping the CCO by collecting data and acting as a model for photoshoots.


Company Name
RABO, Inc.
VORT Ebisu maxim, 3-9-19 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Date of Establishment
February 22, 2018
Yukiko Iyo
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Because nine lives are never enough

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