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As part of our preparation for the global launch of Catlog, we would like to invite all Cat Owners all over the world to tell us about your Cat experience in your country as well as your precious opinions to our products.

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Japan (J-Startup) A13, Venetian1F Eureka Park No.62201, Hall G, Level 1, Venetian Expo, Tech West

Catlog Series (キャトログシリーズ)
Catlog Series (キャトログシリーズ)

App Preview

Catlog App is currently available only in
Japan. Here is a sneak peak of how the App
actually works


Comfortable collar-shaped device
that monitors your cat 24/7

Catlog Basic Set

Catlog is a Wi-Fi enabled collar with motion-detection functionality that unobtrusively collects your cat’s activity data.

This data can then be tracked in the Catlog smartphone app, and enables early detection of health issues, creating peace of mind.

Data recorded by Catlog

  • Food
  • Water
  • Run
  • Walk
  • Sleep
  • Relax
  • Grooming

Catlog Board

Record your cat’s weight and
excretion data without changing
their favorite litter box

Catlog Board

Catlog Board is a board-shaped health management device that records the cat’s weight and excretions data, which is also tracked in the Catlog smartphone app.

There is no need to change your cat’s favorite litter box to start using Catlog Board.

Data recorded by Catlog Board

  • Times peed
  • Amount peed
  • Times pooped
  • Amount pooped
  • Stay time
  • Weight

About us

Our mission

Cat-centered monitoring technology,
because nine lives are never enough.

Our vision

We cat lovers see kitty as an essential member of the family. Every second spent with our cats is a gift, and RABO aims to help owners keep their precious pets healthy, from whiskers to tail, and extend their nine lives. We all have someone in our lives whom we cherish and want to protect, whether it's a pet, a partner, children, parents, relatives or friends. It is our goal to help create a world united by love and respect, among humans and felines alike.

RABO, Inc.