Subscription Fee

The Catlog service is available to cat parents who own a Catlog Series device and a subscription to Purrfect Cat Membership.

Catlog Series Device
Catlog 基本セット
Catlog Board
Monthly FeePurrfect Cat MembershipFor daily auto-logging / Data storage / Alerts, etc.

Each cat: $14.99 / month

Subscription fee from the 6th cat on is $0 / month per cat

We will watch over Purrfect Cat Members' precious healthy lives

Point 124/7 monitoring of your cat's condition

Catlog constantly monitors your cat for signs of any changes in physical condition that can be difficult for parents to notice.

Point 2Immediate notifications and explanations

Catlog immediately notifies you when it detects that your cat is not doing well. Explanations and suggestions on how to respond are also provided.

Point 3Personalized benchmarks for each cat's condition

A standard value for the health of each cat is created and updated constantly according to his/her age and environmental changes.

Point 4Every activity analyzed by AI

AI automatically records and analyzes your cat's activities 24/7/365.

Point 5Tailored AI updates for your cat

Catlog continues to learn the characteristics of your cat based on his/her behavior and optimizes the AI's analysis according to it.

Point 6A lifetime of data

Catlog stores your cat's lifetime record data, accessible at any time.

Point 7Add your own observations

Parents can add their own daily observation records with notes, tags, and photos.

Point 8Real-time processing and display

Your cat's current status is shown on the Catlog app in near real time.

Point 9Unlimited co-parent invitations

You can invite your family members or partners as "co-parents" to watch over your cat together.

But wait, there's more!

You can add on Catlog Home, Catlog Pendant, and Catlog Board with

No additional
monthly fees


1 Year Product Warranty

1 year warranty from shipment date

Customer Support

Cat Specialist (CS) team is available to assist you with any problems you may have.

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