How to measure sizing for the Catlog Belt

1Measure the length around cat's neck.

Measure the narrowest part of the neck, fitting snugly.

2Check the Catlog Belt size

Allow extra length (fitting in one or two human fingers in between) based on the circumference around the neck and select the appropriate size.

Please allow one finger room around the cat's collar.

Catlog Belt

SizeLength around the neck *Narrowest part of the neckLength of collar
Size S5.12 - 6.30 inApprox. 6.30 - 7.48 in
Size SM5.91 - 7.09 inApprox. 7.09 - 8.27 in
Size M6.69 - 7.87 inApprox. 7.87 - 9.06 in
Size ML7.48 - 8.66 inApprox. 8.66 - 9.84 in
Size L8.27 - 9.45 inApprox. 9.45 - 10.63 in
Size XL9.45 - 10.63 inApprox. 10.63 - 11.81 in

*As each Catlog Belt is handmade by craftsmen, the overall length may vary by up to ±10mm. **"Collar length" is the length of the entire collar, including the sensor (Catlog Pendant + Catlog Belt). ***If the collar is too loose, your cat may easily get choked and the measured data may be inaccurate. Reference size: Shorthair Somali, 2 years old (weight 4.5 kg) Length around the neck: approx. 20 cm Length of collar (including Catlog Pendant): approx. 22 cm Belt size: size M

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